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Schedules in reporting services

  They are used for executing the reports at a predefined schedule. Although they are two types of schedules, the way their settings are configuring are the same. The difference is in the usage. One can compare their usage to … Continue reading

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Different states of the reports

  The reporting services has a set of terms for to describe each state in the lifecycle of a report…   Report definition The extension for this file is .rdl and it is created in the report designer or report … Continue reading

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Report data sources

  The reporting services can consume the data in two ways; report-specific data sources & shared data sources. Even though they have a similar composition the difference lies in the way they store and manage the data.   Report-specific data … Continue reading

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Types of Authentication in .Net

  The different authentication methods are as follows…   Windows Authentication ASP.Net uses windows authentication along with IIS authentication. IIS in turn has different ways to authenticate; anonymous, basic, digest, windows integrated (NTLM & Kerberos) & client certificates.     … Continue reading

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Script to convert comma separated strings into a table

  This is a simple script that can be handy at times the input comes in the form of a delimited string in the stored procedure. Some minor changes can be done to handle integer values as well. The test … Continue reading

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Thinking aloud…

With the advent of the present plethora of technologies, it becomes more important  to be better organized and planned with the approach to be in sync with them. They all are so interesting that you don’t want to miss them … Continue reading

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