HardDrive to RAM


ya ya I know you are thinking, what a weird name for a blog entry!!!

But, hey everyone, here is the incidence that compelled me to take this route…

Place & Time: Friday 13th 1:19 PM, Mountain View, CA

I am sharing a nice joke with my colleagues and out of the blues, the senior guy says, hey aseem, I have some stuff for you; there is a customer coming and he has a desire to go through the beautiful world of Excel Services, can you contribute your two cents in this? and then there were couple of other business details that he talked about (believe me you won’t be interested in knowing those).

In my mind, I am like… Shoot!!! I just returned from another customer and he wanted to talk about SSRS and other related stuff so I had gone through all the SSRS stuff, prior to that it was with .Net\WPF & SSRS and before that it was Performance Point, Proclarity and SSIS and then something else…I suddenly realized that it had been quite a time I had touched the SharePoint stuff 😦

It’s not like I am not comfortable with it or something, on the contrary I have done presentations and POCs on multiple occasions on SharePoint topics… it’s only that somehow my CPU\brain (as a matter of fact, I have observed the same issues with other brands as well:-P) simply keeps compressing the older stuff and aligns it down in the stack in the hard drive\memory and then if I have to talk about a subject, I have to dig it out and refresh it, bring it into RAM\upper memory…:-)

It has been my experience though, that if the basic concepts are clear it becomes very easy to recall the stuff and quickly get ready for a presentation or solve a business problem. I am still a staunch believer of this and these series that I would be blogging about are like a reference for me, to keep my basic concepts handy, organized and most important short and sweet. At the same time I wish to share the same with everyone and would be happy if it is of any use to anyone, because I also believe that the best way to gain knowledge is to share it with other and not be afraid of making mistakes…cause that’s how you learn.

Do join me in this effort and please be patient with my innocent mistake 🙂 Also please be advised that, due to personal opinion, conflicts in terms of important information that should be present and that may have been skipped, are very likely to happen. In that case I would recommend using the latest online help. They are a wonderful pieces of work, where in lot of people have put lots of efforts in those and more important they are the complete reference.

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