AppFabric Installation Issue


Recently in one of the projects involving SharePoint 2013, AppFabric and Windows Workflow 4.5 we faced an interesting issue while installing\configuring AppFabric. Every time the installer would run for a while and then error out with the following message:

AppFabric installation failed because installer MSI returned with error code: 1603

Here is the screenshot for the same


There are some good articles out there around how to resolve the issue. They have worked for some folks, but unfortunately did not for us.

Following are some of them, just in case it works for you:

The blogs listed above and similar blogs on these lines are talking about ensuring the pre-requisites are met and the PSModulePath variable is set correctly, and they have worked for quite a few people. Unfortunately, we had a slightly different issue at hand and in spite of ensuring that the couple points were taken care of, the installer would simply not go past that error.

Digging further into the logs that were generated post the error message, it turns out that the issue was with the two AD groups, AS_Administrators and AS_Observers being present already; maybe from a previous attempt. This was causing the installer to error out since it was not being able to create these AD groups. We deleted these two groups and then ran the installer again and yup it worked like a charm this time!


One of those moments when you sit back and say…

Man! Why didn’t I think about this before? Smile


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7 Responses to AppFabric Installation Issue

  1. Sankar says:

    Deleting the AS_Observers group…worked for me…

  2. Avinash Badgujar says:

    Thanks for the information. See detailed description here
    but still I didnt found these groups and I still continued to get this error.

  3. Scott Vanderbeck says:

    This worked for us. Removing the AS_Observers group after failing of the installation of Appfabric. During the first install, we didn’t have ISS and/or .Net 3.5 installed.

  4. Shayne Jones says:

    Removing the AS_Observers group worked for me as well.

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