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TypeScript and SharePoint

  Recently I got a chance to put together a presentation and a demo around TypeScript and SharePoint. The presentation was around few fundamental TypeScript concepts and the demo was a walkthrough around implementing a simple use-case on SharePoint List … Continue reading

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The tool was unable to install Application Server Role, Web Server (IIS) Role.

Another one of those instances where SharePoint keeps us on our toes. Had to try something in SharePoint 2013 and was setting up a quick new VM environment. After the OS setup, ran the prerequisites and bumped into this error … Continue reading

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Skype Developer Platform

The Skype SDKs and APIs offer a pretty powerful and well-rounded offering when it comes to writing variety of communication solutions. The page here details out the various components of the Skype Developer Platform as well as the Supported Topologies. … Continue reading

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Choice overload and a Simple Intranet

  By definition, the title has a reference of contradicting items and don’t seem to belong together. Bear with me for a moment and I’ll connect the dots for you. First let’s talk a little bit about the Choice Overload … Continue reading

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AppFabric Installation Issue

  Recently in one of the projects involving SharePoint 2013, AppFabric and Windows Workflow 4.5 we faced an interesting issue while installing\configuring AppFabric. Every time the installer would run for a while and then error out with the following message: … Continue reading

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Drinking Coffee…Collaboratively!

  Weird title huh? Now that I have your attention, the idea of this blog is to share a simple real-life use case on how collaboration can help optimize various activities and in turn boost productivity. Let me set some … Continue reading

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Unable to retrieve the Search Application Topology

  I was getting ready for the upcoming webinar on Social Intranet Using SharePoint 2013(details due) today evening and in the process came across this error while configuring the Search Application. The error messages goes like this… “Unable to retrieve … Continue reading

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