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Choice overload and a Simple Intranet

  By definition, the title has a reference of contradicting items and don’t seem to belong together. Bear with me for a moment and I’ll connect the dots for you. First let’s talk a little bit about the Choice Overload … Continue reading

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Drinking Coffee…Collaboratively!

  Weird title huh? Now that I have your attention, the idea of this blog is to share a simple real-life use case on how collaboration can help optimize various activities and in turn boost productivity. Let me set some … Continue reading

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Reporting on the SharePoint External Lists

Today we faced an interesting issue, was the limitation technical or human or combination of both, not entirely sure about that. Thought it’s worth sharing as it definitely ties with the thought process which involves both the aspects. I am … Continue reading

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SharePoint quick tips…

Out of the various ways of doing a particular thing following are one of the possible ways…welcome to add more to it 🙂 Q. How to find all the documents touched by a particular user? A. Go to the home … Continue reading

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